Careers at Pixar



At Pixar, our goal is to make great films with great people.  We are proud of our tradition of creative and technical excellence and are always looking for talented people to enrich our work and our community. We believe it’s important for our studio to reflect the diversity of the society we live in and the worldwide audiences for whom we make our films.  Come see what we have to offer!



Career FAQ’s


What format should I submit my resume in?

Preferred format is PDF.

How can I add my cover letter to my application?

Under “My Experience” there is a section to select and upload files.

How can I submit my portfolio/demo reel?

Add the link to your online portfolio/demo reel to the Website section under “My Experience.” If your site is password protected, please be sure to provide us with the password on the following page. Refer to the job posting for specific submission requirements. Digital copies are encouraged and preferred. If we would like to see additional work, you will be contacted.

How long should my demo reel be?

Demo reels should be one to three minutes in length.

Will Pixar contact me regarding the status of my application?

Due to the quantity of submissions received, we are not able to offer individual feedback. However, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.

How often should I apply?

We recommend applying when there is a significant change to your work experiences that might influence your candidacy or if your contact information has changed. All information is kept on file for two years.

If I am not authorized to work in the United States, can I still apply at Pixar?

Pixar works hard to identify top talent from around the world; however, because the process of obtaining a work visa can be complex, please understand that not all roles or applicants may be eligible for sponsorship.  Before applying, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations regarding temporary work and/or student visas. For additional information, please visit the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services website:

Can I submit a creative story and/or script idea?

No. All of Pixar's ideas and stories are developed internally and it is our policy not to view any external submissions. For legal reasons we automatically return all creative material (scripts, synopses, sketches, etc.) unopened and unread. So, please do not send any kind of creative submission to Pixar.